Palmer Johnson Rolls out a true Superyacht!

Superyachts have become less of a fascination for many of us mere mortals in the world as they have started to pop up in all kinds of places, and compared to a few years ago it takes a lot more ‘super features’ on a large luxury yacht these days to grab our attention.

So, when a 100 year old yacht building company like Palmer Johnson gets together with one of the most famous engineering names on the planet (Rolls Royce) and they put their joint efforts into designing and building a superyacht called ‘World’, you can be sure its going to be something special which gets noticed!

According to the advance publicity, the 267 foot (82 metre) ‘World’ currently under construction in Norway, will feature some of the world’s most advanced and environmentally friendly marine technology. With her full “ice class” operating capability, the mega-yacht will be able to cruise in just about any environment irrespective of climate, including the Arctic and Antarctica. And of course at the same time, up to 12 lucky guests will live in cosseted luxury, whilst space will be provided for up to 27-crew.

Highlights from the World’s long list of features include a cinema, a beauty salon, and a submarine docking station from which a 6-passenger discovery deep sea submarine can be accessed via a watertight locked chamber without going out on deck.

Exceptional station-keeping capabilities are achieved via Dynamic Positioning on the PJ World allowing the vessel to be “moored” in environmentally sensitive or restricted areas without the traditional use of lines or anchors. Instead, the on-board propulsion system and thrusters work together to control the position by centralised automatic responses to variations in sea conditions.

Other features include a Certified Heli Deck, Heli hangar, and a superior Rolls Royce at-rest stabilization system. Security features such as water cannons, forward scanning sonar, thermal imaging, closed circuit television and acoustic shields are also available on this vessel.

The World will be powered by a set of 4 Rolls-Royce Marine Bergen diesel generators giving her a top speed of 16.5 knots, but with great focus on environmental efficiency. For instance, the captain can match the number and type of engines that are run, to the desired transit speed and on-board hotel load in any set of conditions, thus offering optimum controllability and minimised waste of energy.



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