Prestige in Brazil: a resounding success for French luxury yachts

In just two years, Prestige – world-renowned yachts constructed in France – has positioned itself among the top brands in the highly competitive market of luxury motor yachts in Brazil, a country where Prestige will soon celebrate the delivery of its 30th motor yacht.

Composed of twelve models the Prestige product range benefits from the utmost attention to detail on the production lines of the shipyard, located in Les Herbiers, France. These details range from engine power, dimensions and interior design, to selection of fabrics, materials and colour harmony, to layout and distribution of living spaces on board, etc.

“Here, we have at our disposal an industrial tool at the point of technology, allowing us great freedom in design, and with which we can create the world’s most unique luxury yachts. This particularity is a signature of the Prestige brand, a uniqueness not unlike that which makes the international reputation of French haute-couture, today,” underscores Jean-Paul Chapeleau, Executive Director of Prestige.

This French savoir-faire is much sought-after and appreciated, particularly in Brazil. In a few days’ time, ten new motor yachts will join the twenty Prestige Yachts now cruising Brazilian waters, just two years after the first to arrive.

Prestige, from Rio to Sao Paulo, by way of Espirito Santo… A brand catering to “sea-loving Brazilians,” Prestige affirms its strong presence in that country with a budding economy.

Playing the luxury card by proximity, the French brand has established attractive representative offices in Sao Paulo (Le Mon Group Do Brazil) and Rio (Yacht Center Group). Prestige also recently established a presence in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Parana, Santa Catarina, and in the north, in Manaus, Bahia and Espirito Santo (Yacht Center Group).

In an effort to cover all cruising regions of the country, Prestige will continue the expansion of its sales and service locations in 2013. Building on shared values with the Brazilian culture, Prestige will further multiply opportunities to meet with target Brazilian audiences. Present at the Rio and Sao Paulo boat shows for the last two years, the French brand recently created a buzz, showing the most attractive models at large regional boat shows, notably at the Guaruja Boat Experience, and at major nautical events, such as the Maritime Procession of Angra dos Reis.

Brazilians, under the spell of French luxury… Prestige have been well received by a public of connoisseurs seeking the perfect blend of French luxury, Italian design and English classicism.

Meeting the most stringent requirements in environmental safety and quality of construction, Prestige motor yachts owe their international reputation to a continual quest for excellence and innovation, an enduring value for over 50 years, on top of which, the brand can now legitimately lay claim to a savoir-faire inherited from the world of French luxury.

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