Spanish Navigation to fall in line with EU

As part of the liberalisation of the Spanish Yachting Legislation, the future Ministerial Order related to navigation of leisure craft in Spain, will include the following modifications and attributes:

* It will be permitted to navigate without a license during daytime but without venturing further than 5 miles away from a safe port or anchorage (currently only in areas defined by the harbour authority) for motor boats with a maximum power of 11,03 KW (15 HP) and up to 4 metres in length, or 5 metres for sailing boats.

* The concept of Federation Authority will be substituted by the Navigation Certificate, which will allow the control boats up to 6 metres, taking into account the manufacturers recommendations for the power of the motor, and up to 5 miles from the coast. This Certificate can be issued by those sailing and motorboat federations, as well as by the sea schools that meet the requirements stated in the Ministerial Order.

* PNB (Patrón de Navegación Basica – Skipper of Basic Navigation):

The allowed boat length to navigate motorboats with this license is extended to 8 metres (currently 7,5 m), and jet skis with power related to their size, up to 5 nautical miles from the coast. Additionally, with a complimentary endorsement (consistent with the sailing practices) it is possible to navigate with sailing boats with the same limitations on the same navigation area. Another key point is that both the recreational sailing schools, and the sailing and motor boat federations can convene, organise and carry out examinations for obtaining this license, without having to wait for official announcement of exams published by the administration.

* PER (Patrón de Embarcación de Recreo – Recreational Yacht Skipper): The validity of this license will be extended to allow the control of recreational motor boats up to 24 m of length (instead of the current 12 m) and navigation up to 12 miles from the coast, as well as navigation between the islands of the Balearics and the Canaries. With a complimentary endorsement depending on additional practical training completed in a sea school, this license will allow navigation with a sailing boat, as well as navigation with both sailing and motor boats between the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

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