EBay for boat charters?

At this year’s Monaco Yacht Show,Charterbid.com, after two years of development and industry engagement, unveiled their online yacht charter auction house, an industry-first concept allowing luxury travel consumers to bid for superyacht charters.

The prestigious world of luxury yacht charter is one that has long been exclusive to a small group. Yet with the increasing number of yachts hitting the oceans each year, many end up sitting idle well beyond the wishes of owners, brokers and crew. There is currently no repository or mechanism to attract marginal income into the charter market.

It is hoped that charterbid.com will have the same revolutionary effect on the market that Easyjet had on short haul flights.

Charterbid.com has developed a completely ‘New Way’ to charter. Their online auction house will allow prospective customers the opportunity to bid for yacht charters, bringing yacht charter to a more affordable place to attract new entrants globally. Charterbid.com is working with all parties to benefit the yacht charter community, bringing together brokers, owners and a new wave of prospective charterers.

Charterbid.com was created by Sean Ewing, a global entrepreneur and founder of the UK’s first online Fund Supermarket which formed part of the World’s largest online bank egg.com, with over 3 million customers. After making several investments and divestments in the superyacht industry and gaining market knowledge, it became clear that there was a need to increase industry liquidity and align supply and demand, particularly in ‘off peak’ charter periods. Following discussions with many yacht owners, the concept and business model for Charterbid.com was born. As Mr. Ewing explains “The yachting industry needs to attract new customers. Charterbid.com will make yacht charter more affordable to a wider audience, globally. It’s all about matching demand and supply. It is Yacht charter – a New Way.”

The Charterbid.com website presents a dynamic, real time window into the affordable luxury of the yacht world. The form is elegant and simple, modern and functional. Those seeking the most affordable luxury yacht charter will find it easy to navigate and browse for auctions. For owners and their representatives, the listing and auction monitoring capabilities are intuitive and easy. Each yacht is stylishly showcased allowing prospective bidders to download brochures, read full specifications and peruse photographs and videos.

Whilst the overall concept may be reminiscent of a high-end, yachting ‘Ebay’, Charterbid.com seeks to offer significantly more. For the first time in yacht charter history, Charterbid.com members will have the opportunity to share their experiences, with each vessel being rated by a star system. Registered members will be able to access the reviews – submitted by previous guests through interviews with Charterbid.com staff – providing greater transparency, feedback and experiences.

Today, at the Monaco Yacht Show 2012 (20th September) Charterbid.com will unveil to the attendees of the yacht show and globally online. Even before today, a number of the World’s largest yacht charter brokers have been involved in the shaping of Charterbid.com’s offering and have assisted in suggesting how Charterbid.com can best be utilised.

The Industry Welcomes Charterbid.com

“Charterbid.com is implementing an innovative new model into the luxury yacht charter industry that should ultimately benefit all parties. Through targeted use of new media channels it could draw a new wave of charter customers into the industry, which can only be
– David Hudson, Director and COO, Edmiston.

“We support any product that brings new clients to the yachting industry while at the same time enhancing the possibility of income to existing owners to assist in offsetting their running costs.” – Stephen White, Managing Partner & Owner, International Yacht Register

“Charterbid.com represents an interesting development in the charter market, with the potential to appeal to a new audience. As we strive to ensure our owners gain access to a greater charter audience, the appeal of Charterbid.com to new potential charter clients would be a welcome addition”. – Richard Lambert, Managing Director, OceanStyle

“I see Charterbid.com as a dynamic evolution in the maturity of the superyacht industry. In taking a number of proven business models in other industries, Charterbid for the first time provides an industry repository and an ability for superyacht owners to get the best possible
market rates that customers will pay – particularly in those off peak periods. It matches demand and supply and can only increase industry liquidity.”
– Martin H. Redmayne,Chairman & Editor in Chief – Superperyacht Owner and Superyacht News

“The arrival of Charterbid to the superyacht market is very much welcomed as it takes a much needed fresh approach, offering both yacht owners and brokers an intelligent and practical solution to the issues they are faced with, whether it be lack of charter revenues, a
need to bring new clients into the industry or offer affordable charters this new web-portal will significantly broaden the scope of yacht charter.”
– Bertrand Vogele, Chief Executive
Officer, YPI Group

“We have been following the progress of the Charterbid.com initiative. Y.CO will always support new ways to broaden the charter market,  and the introduction of new customers.We consider Charterbid.com to be an innovative way to gain access to new markets, and increase charter revenue.” – Charlie Birkett, Partner and Group CEO, Y.CO

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