A new British powerboat looks to beat all records

Officially launched at the 2012 London International Boat Show but under development for the last three years the amazing 90ft “Accomplish More” powerboat was unveiled to the general public.

Until 6th January, the Guinness World Record for a surface circumnavigation of the world was 48 days 7 hours 44 minutes, set in 2010 by Frenchman Franck Cammas in the sailing yacht “Groupama 3”.

They’ve said they’ll be faster than that and with a vessel capable of a consistent 50 knots guided by fly-by-wire technology it’s conceivable that they could break the record for the Magellan circumnavigation currently held by USS Triton at 60 days.

With the boat construction well under way and title sponsors, Company 85, firmly on-board the team’s next goal is to be ready in time to compete in the Queen’s Pagent down the Thames in June 2012.

Team Leader Alan Priddy says “I have left nothing to chance, and we are ready to go. We will be triumphant in getting this record, giving a welcome boost of “Feelgood Factor” not just to Britain, but to anyone who loves boats, who is excited by adventure, or who marvels at the spirit of human endeavour. We intend to make history.”

Big claims indeed, but having met up with the team at the London Boat Show and witnessed their presentation, attended by amongst others Sir Robin Knox-Johnston (first person to sail around the world singlehanded, nonstop), they certainly have all the expertise and resources to succeed.

The good news for Mediterranean boat owners is that this innovative wave-breaking vessel will be heading through the Mediterranean on it’s circumnavigation attempt which is planned to start and finish in Gibraltar.

The Boat Specs

The boat, named ‘Accomplish More’, is a completely new design based on experience and modern technology. She is 90 feet of pure technology, designed and constructed in the UK from aluminium, and encompassing an exceptionally efficient ultra-slim wave-piercing hull. She will be able to submarine beneath waves under the constant propulsion of her twin engines.

  1. Her fit out will be basic so life on board will be a challenge with few creature comforts
  2. Massive fuel tanks will enable the team to complete the five 4,800 mile legs of the voyage to break the existing record

Technical specifications for ‘Accomplish More

  1. Length 90 ft
  2. Internal beam 10 ft
  3. External Beam 16 ft
  4. Draft 30 inches
  5. Build weight 15 ton
  6. Fuel capacity 30,000 litres
  7. Range 5800 NM
  8. Hull thickness 8 mm plate with 8 mm overlay on keel and sides plus 8 mm triangulated inside keel = 24 mm
  9. Predicted Top Speed (20 tons) 47.7 knots
  10. Predicted slow speed (42 tons) 24.9 knots
  11. Predicted Average Speed per leg 27.7 knots


Engines – 2 x Fiat PowerTrain C13 500. 6 Cylinders in line Diesel. 500 HP @ 2000 rpm

Water Jets – 2 x Castoldi Turbo Drive 490 HC with in built reduction gear and electronic neutral clutch

Main Steering – Castoldi electric / hydraulic

Navigation station – Raymarine


General description of Accomplish More moving from aft to forward

  1.  80 ft of advanced design. Full walk-in engine room
  2. 4 full size bunks in aft cabin with separate toilets and shower
  3. Wheel house. 20 ft x 10 ft full size galley and seating for 12 persons.
  4. 1 driving position + 1 navigating position.
  5. 2 single cabins with full size beds
  6. Toilet and shower
  7. Double cabin with shared facilities
  8. Workshop and stores
  9. Chain locker
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