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Having a marina berth for a yacht is quite essential since there is otherwise no other place to safely keep a yacht when it is not in use. There are several types of marina berths available through the world but it is extremely important to select the one that would be right for you and would be according to your requirements.

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Some of the things that one needs to keep in mind while select a marina berth are:
* The location of the marina.
* The cost of the berth.
* The facilities available at the marina.
* Electricity, maintenance services, round the clock security and the rules and regulations.

While selecting a marina berth it is important to select one from a trusted source and selecting a location that has ample benefits. Getting berths in France for a yacht can be quite beneficial since most of the berths in France have ample facilities and excellent security systems.

Port Galice Antibes in France is one of the best places to consider if you are looking for berths in France. The location of Port Galice makes it quite beneficial for a marine berth. Any good marina berth should be at a location from where there is easy access to some good travel destinations. France is known to be one of the most loved and most visited countries in the world since centuries and Port Galice in Antibes is located at a prime location from where there is easy access to some of the best places along the coast of France.

Some of the places that can be easily visited from Port Galice are:
* Antibes- Antibes is located on the coast of the famous French Riviera and is the ideal coastal city with a dazzling beach lined with palms swaying in the sea breeze. The city is quite charming with its historic ancient buildings situated around the narrow cobble stoned streets.

* Cannes- Cannes is also situated quite close to Port Galice Antibes which makes it one of the best berths in France. Cannes represents chic sophistication and is synonymous with the international film festival. The city has several palm shaded streets, outdoor cafes and beach facing restaurants.

* Monaco- Monaco is the second smallest country in the world and is very famous as a tourist destination. Monaco is mainly famous for its casinos and for hosting Grand Prix races, however, there is a softer and more serene side to it as well for those who care to explore it.

* Toulon- Toulon is the second largest naval port in France and is the gateway to the French Riviera. The beaches here are perfect for relaxation on a summer day. Toulon remains untouched by tourism and can be the perfect hideaway for anyone who is longing for some solitude.

Berths in France can have several advantages due to its proximity to several other European countries like Italy and Spain. In France itself there are a number of destinations worth visiting along the coast in the French Riviera which makes it one of the best places in the world to have a marina berth.

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